Specialized Services

At U.S. Satellite, we don't just get equipment and "plug and play" - we also have the technical expertise to do much more - and in more fields than just satellite! We have an staff with a wide range of engineering support experience in fields from Broadcast Television, two-way radio and data networks. Even if we can't help you with your specific needs, chances are that we'll know someone who can!

In the fields of RF (also called "wireless") system design, we have experience in the following:

We also provide "disaster recovery" types of services: If you provide data services, we may be able to provide that "service bridge" should your main facilities go offline for whatever reason. Please contact us with your requirements.

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U.S. Satellite Corporation does not actively market any products or services directly to the consumer. If you have ever received any solicitations for products or services by a company representing itself as "U.S. Satellite Corporation" please contact us immediately to inform us of such unauthorized use of our trademark.