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U.S. Satellite Corporation (USSC), is a communications carrier providing uplink/downlink and turnaround feeds on both C Band and KU band geostationary domestic and international satellites.

We can provide video, audio, data (SCPC, MCPC, and VSAT) and other baseband services and we have the ability to connect to most of the local TV stations via terrestrial microwave or fiber links and we have access to the Utah State Educational EdNet System for Collegiate games. Vyvx (International and Domestic fiber optic video provider) ties are located on site. We have multi-pair copper cable directly connected to US West's central office for audio and data circuits as well as a large fiber capacity through multiple carriers via physically-diverse routes. Onsite origination capability provides maximum service and reliability for video program origination.

USSC's Intermountain Teleport is located in the geographic center of the Salt Lake Valley. We are located immediately adjacent to a major power substation, and are the first customer on the feed which provides extremely reliable power. A 400 Kw diesel generator with fast start option, and a 300 Kva UPS system are installed at the teleport for emergency power. The teleport is staffed 7x 24.

For your special needs, we have an engineering and support staff with broad experience that ranges includes Video, IP to RF, and beyond. (See the Specialized Services page.)

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Satellites visible from USSC

The following AOR (Atlantic Ocean Region) Satellites:

The following POR (Pacific Ocean Region) Satellites:

If there are other satellites near or within the range bracketed by the above for which you need access, please contact us with your questions.

Because of USSC's unique geographical location, our satellite arc visibility extends down to at least 5 degrees elevation on both the east and west horizons: This allows satellite coverage well into Asia as well as Europe.

A partial list of satellites visible from USSC may be seen to the above.

Please note that this list is not all-inclusive, but it is meant to be representative of those satellites that have elevations of greater than 5 degrees. Not all of the satellites or orbital locations listed may have capability for U.S. up/downlinks.

Also, we may not currently have antennas available for all of the satellites in this list, so operations on some of these satellites may required the addition or modification of antennas.

Note that operation on some of these satellites may require additional authorization/clearance from the satellite operator.

USSC also has transborder authority and international clearance. If you have international/transborder requirements, please contact us for more details, as far in advance of the event as possible.

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For further information, please feel free to contact us.

U.S. Satellite Corporation does not actively market any products or services directly to the consumer. If you have ever received any solicitations for products or services by a company representing itself as "U.S. Satellite Corporation" please contact us immediately to inform us of such unauthorized use of our trademark.