Booking a feed

If you wish to book a feed with us (and you have done so before) you may call us at: (801)-263-0519.

If the feed is not to occur for several hours, you may also email the pertinent details to:

Simply type the above email address into your email client.

Please note that orders placed with U.S. Satellite Corporation are subject to the Terms and Conditions of service.

Important Note

If you have immediate, time-critical needs please call us at (801)-263-0519 and do not use the above email address.

contact us

For further information, please feel free to contact us.

U.S. Satellite Corporation does not actively market any products or services directly to the consumer. If you have ever received any solicitations for products or services by a company representing itself as "U.S. Satellite Corporation" please contact us immediately to inform us of such unauthorized use of our trademark.