About us

U. S. Satellite Corporation (USSC) is a communications carrier specializing in one-way or two-way satellite communications with domestic and international communications satellites.

Over the years we have seen the satellite industry change - and we have changed with it. Our long-time industry presence includes Video, Audio, and Data (including digital video) transmissions services.

Our geographical location (in the center of the Salt Lake Valley in Utah) provides us with a unique ability to provide access to both AOR (Atlantic Ocean Region) and POR (Pacific Ocean Region) satellites - ranging from 40.5° West to 182° East.

Our facility is also well-connected terrestrially, having both diverse and redundant-path connectivity on fiber (including dark fiber) and copper through several different vendors.

We operate several full-time two-way interactive VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) networks and several one-way broadcast digital video streams. In addition to these (and other) services we can also provide more traditional services such as occasional transmissions of news or special events, long-term origination of programming, satellite turnaround services (on both C and Ku bands) to practically any commercial satellite within our view.

With our experience and on-site expertise we can provide you services in the best, most cost-effective way!

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U.S. Satellite Corporation does not actively market any products or services directly to the consumer. If you have ever received any solicitations for products or services by a company representing itself as "U.S. Satellite Corporation" please contact us immediately to inform us of such unauthorized use of our trademark.